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Buttercream Vs Whipped Cream | The Best Icing For Your Cake

by Saarthak Thakur on October 23, 2021

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If you are looking for the best icing for your cake, buttercream or whipped cream? Buttercream is a classic option. But what if it's too sweet for you? Whipped Cream is another option that has less sugar and more air in the mixture which makes it lighter. Which one will work better with your cake?


First Lets Expore The Ingredients

Buttercream is made of four different ingredients butter ,powder sugar,water or milk and flavouring .

Whipped Cream Icing contains heavy whipping cream,powder sugar,flavouring and cream of tartar for stabilization.


Buttercream and Whipping Cream contains perishable ingredients and require refrigeration in air tight container.

Buttercream can be stored longer upto 2 weeks whereas Whipping Cream can be stored upto 3 days .


Buttercream is thick because base of this icing is butter.Buttercream tends to hold its shape and is best suited for piping borders, flowers including those with fondant.

Whipping Cream is light and soft as base is heavy cream which is thin whipped to be a thicker consistency because of this working with whipped icing requires a bit more patience and lighter hand ,best suited for dessert cakes that don't require elaborate decorating.


Just like storage , coloring both Buttercream and Whipped Cream is pretty much the same .Use Gel Food Colors or Oil Based Food Colors for Icing .


Buttercream is thick and holds its flavour for a long time, Also Buttercream is a lot more on a sweeter side .

Whipping Cream Icing is light and fluffy and has a suttle sweetness to it.It can be just as flavourful but without all that of extra sweetness.

If you’ve ever baked a cake and wondered which type of icing to top it with, we have the answer for you. Whipped cream is typically used as an alternative topping because it provides a lighter texture than buttercream does. It also offers more flexibility in terms of how much sugar or flavoring can be added before serving so that those who prefer less sweetness can enjoy its taste without feeling like they are eating too many calories. But if you want your cake to look good on the outside as well as inside, go with buttercream instead! Not only will this frosting make your cake shine but it tastes amazing – giving everyone at the party something sweet and delicious to eat while enjoying all their friends' company.

What is Your Favourite Icing Buttercream Or Whipped Cream? 

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